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Sidewalk Clean

Biological remedy on eliminating any vegetation on footpath and other underground

Sidewalk Clean removes plant vegetation from footpath and other paved surfaces. The nitrogen bases contained damage the plants and result in their dieing.


Concentrate of organic nitrogen bases


Apply Sidewalk Clean to the affected areas undiluted with sprayer or watering can and let affect at least 24 hours free from rainfall. The effect has occurred when the vegetation embrowns. The emerging white coloration of the surface after drying trails away through rain or can be removed with water after plant vegetation has died. Applicated without intention rinse with plenty of water to prevent effect.

Safety precautions:

Wear rubber gloves while using Microbi Sidewalk Clean. Harmful if swallowed, Keep away from children. In case of splashes on the skin or contact with eyes, immediately rinse well with water.

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