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Mold Clean

Biological remedy for mold infestation

Microbi Mold Clean is an eco-friendly product using the efficacy of nature. It uses the natural effect of selected bacterial cultures and special enzymes. This composition of bacteria and enzymes allows quick removal of mold coverings and other organic contaminants - and usually faster and more stable than other chlorine- or hydrogen-based remedies. Moreover, our product has no toxic properties and therefore neither harms health, clothing nor other materials. Even after a single application of Microbi Mold Clean the mold infestation is stopped. With very intense mold infestation a repeated application can be necessary.


Specific enzymatic and biological drug combination, fragrances,> 5% anionic surfactants.


Spray infested areas generously and brush. Where appropriate remove wallpaper or other undergrounds before starting the application. The best results are achieved if the product affects the treated areas for a few hours.

Safety precautions:

Never use cleaners containing chlorine at the same time! In case of contact with skin clean affected areas with water and if swallowed consult immediately a physician/doctor.

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